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[Restaurant Review] Pho So 1 Boston

Location: 51 Memorial Pkwy Randolph, MA 02368 Style: Vietnamese Contact: (781) 961-6500 Reviewed by: David Roshinski I’m back with another review wrapped up to go this time. I have been working at my new job for a couple weeks now and I wanted something else to eat that was different to take home to enjoy. I […]

[Restaurant Review] Stockholders Restaurant

Location:  1073 Main Street/Route 18 Weymouth, MA 02190 Style: Chophouse Contact: (781) 335-3100 Reviewed by: David Roshinski I’m back with another review to dish out. My mother’s birthday was this week so as tradition in our family we dine out that night. My family is quite a picky bunch of eaters, my sister and dad are […]

[Restaurant Review] King Gyro’s

Location: 1916 S. 3rd St. Terre Haute, IN 47802 Style: Chicago-style Diner Contact: 812-234-9767 Web: King Gyros of Terre Haute Reviewed by: Zac Pritcher The most important aspect of any restaurant is its food, and in that aspect King Gyro’s performs phenomenally. The first thing you’ll notice while looking at the menu is the great […]

[Restaurant Review] Miko’s Cafe

Location: 912 Crescent St Brockton, MA 02302 Style: Breakfast & Brunch Contact: (508) 232-6753 Reviewed by: David Roshinski I’m back with another review to serve up. There are three things that I love about Sundays: a nice long drive with no traffic, acoustic versions of great songs on the radio, and a really good, hearty […]

[Restaurant Review] Sea Dog Brew Pub

  Our very cute waitress came over and my friend ordered the Sea Dog Riverdriver Hazelnut Porter and I ordered the sampler as I do at most brewpubs. My sampler was $10 and included blueberry ale, summer ale, IPA, hazelnut porter, apricot ale, and was all of decent size equaling about two pints in total. […]

[Restaurant Review] Logan’s Rib-Eye

  When we got our dinners, my mouth watered instantaneously. My steak looked absolutely wonderful. It was cooked perfectly, a deep pink color, and was served with a side of au jus. The rice looked just as delicious, a medley of wild grains in a steaming pile on my plate. It’s dinner time. The steak […]

[Food Challenge] Eddie’s 20 Burger Challenge

Location: Eddie’s Sandwich Shoppe 13 S Walnut Brazil, IN 47864 Challenge: Eat at least 20 burgers without leaving the restaurant dining area. Challenger: Zac Pritcher Status: FAILED And failed, hard. Man. I manged to get roughly 19 of the required twenty hamburgers into my stomach before I couldn’t do it any more. Every bit was […]

[Restaurant Review] The Alamo, Holiday World

Location: Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN Style: Mexican Reviewed by: Zac Pritcher Upon digging in, I was instantly satisfied with just my first bite. The shell was absolutely delicious, crispy and crunchy and had a good flavor. Inside, the meat was amazing and seasoned very well, and the generous portions of lettuce and tomato were […]

[Restaurant Store] Schoop’s Hamburgers

Style: Burger Joint/Diner Location: 4105 Franklin Street, Michigan City, IN 46360 Reviewed by: Zac Pritcher Website I recently took a trip up to Michigan City with my lovely girlfriend Kimberlee Boland, and the first thing we did when we got to our crummy, disgusting, poorly lit, stiff-bedded, crappy showered, slightly stinky but extremely-cheap-so-it’s-to-be-expected hotel was […]

[Restaurant Review] Kringle’s Kafe’, Holiday World

Location: Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN Reviewed by: Zac Pritcher And then you get to the counter and see the menu. Oh, of course. It’s a pizzeria. It makes… perfect sense? At any rate, I ordered a Combo # 1, which includes a slice of pizza (cheese, pepperoni, or sausage), a side (one of the […]