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[Snack Review] Beer Chips

Purchased at: Some gas station Cost: $1.19/9 oz. bag Reviewed by: XAQuiri Daiquiri I’m not going to waste my time crafting a witty or informative product introduction, nor am I going to waste your time by making you scroll through it to the summary section of this review. Instead, I’m going to talk about what’s […]

[Snack Review] Pizza Supreme Doritos

Purchased at: Kroger Cost: $3.49 for an 11.5 oz bag Reviewed by: Xaquiri Daiquiri The Doritos brand has been on one hell of a hot streak with me lately, as every new product they release that I review (selecting which items to review is a scientific, random, and sporadic endeavor) receives a very high score. […]

[Review] Wel-Pac Imported Prepared Squid Jerky (Hot)

  Purchased at: Asian Market (Terre Haute, IN) Cost: $2.99 Reviewed by: XAQuiri Daquiri Yes. Prepared Squid Jerky. Shredded, dried, put into a package, and sold at the Asian Market. What’s that? You think that sounds gross? If you think it sounds gross, you should smell it. Wel-Pac Prepared Squid Jerky smells like spicy, old […]

[Cereal Review] Kellogg’s Cinnabon Crunchy Cinnamon Multi-Grain Cereal

Purchased at: IGA (Remington, IN) Cost: $2.39 Reviewed by: Casual Clay Cunningham Cinnamon Rolls and cereal seem to come at polar opposite ends of the breakfast spectrum. When one finds time to eat cinnamon rolls, a good day is more than likely on the horizon, while a bowl of cereal generally indicates you’ll once again be subjected to texting your mom to […]

[Grocery Review] Banquet Cherry Berry Pie

Purchased at: Murphy’s Food Mart (Kentland, IN) Cost: $.66 Reviewed by: Casual Clay Cunningham Not content to simply spread povertization (real word?) and self-loathing to the frozen dinner market, the good folks at Banquet have expanded their dessert repertoire with a new collection of frozen pies. They’re not great. The first problem I had with my Cherry […]

[Grocery Review] Oreo Cookie Sticks ‘n Creme Dip

Purchased at: Murphy’s Food Mart (Kentland, IN) Cost: $2.79 Reviewed by: Casual Clay Cunningham I’m not a huge Oreo fan (see my review for the dreadful Oreo Brownie). It’s not a bad cookie to eat in a pinch, but I have a preference for other brands, most notably the unfortunately underrated E.L. Fudge. So when I […]

[Grocery Review] Smart Ones Mini-Cheeseburgers

Purchased at: Murphy’s Food Mart, Kentland, IN Cost: $3.79 Size: Two burgers per box Reviewed by: Casual Clay Cunningham I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, a low fat cheeseburger you cook in the microwave? Even though I will no doubt break both my legs on the never ending puddle of saliva which will flow from […]

[Grocery Review] Wheat Thins Stix: Honey Wheat

Purchased at: Grocery Stores Nationwide Price: $3.49 Yield: About 8 servings (14 pieces) Reviewed by: David Roshinski A marketing agency working with the Nabisco Wheat Thins brand contacted me through email about taste testing their new product Wheat Thin Stix. The new product boasts a new shape of packing for easy sharing and a new […]

[Candy Review] 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars

Purchased at: Casey’s General Store Cost: $1.09 Reviewed by: Zac Pritcher I’m way too fat for the bike that I currently ride. It’s an early 1990s Schwinn Le Tour that my step dad once used for racing in triathlons. Yeah, triathlons. As in three athlons. Under any normal circumstances, I would have never even thought […]

[Grocery Review] Cheetos Mighty Zingers: Ragin’ Cajun & Tangy Ranch

  Purchased at: Kroger Price: $2.39 Yield: About 10 servings Reviewed by: Zac Pritcher Throwing two different flavors into a single bag and calling it a day is certainly nothing new, as Doritos has been doing it forever with their Collisions line of chips. For Cheetos however, the idea of any flavor of snack crisp […]