[Food Challenge] Eddie’s 20 Burger Challenge

Eddie’s Sandwich Shoppe
13 S Walnut
Brazil, IN

Challenge: Eat at least 20 burgers without leaving the restaurant dining area.
Zac Pritcher

And failed, hard. Man. I manged to get roughly 19 of the required twenty hamburgers into my stomach before I couldn’t do it any more. Every bit was the most challenging obstacle I’ve ever endured. The bread became painfully dry, and the meat was beyond disgusting. The burgers themselves were good, but only until burger number 10. After that, every bite became worse and worse until I… well, just watch the video.

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4 Responses to “[Food Challenge] Eddie’s 20 Burger Challenge”

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  2. So close yet so far away. The video really showed how not fun that was.

  3. Davincivirus says:

    I don’t think this one hit the spot. *ZING*

  4. Clay says:

    Two of my former Brazil Times co-workers are on the wall for having met the challenge. You must just be a pussy.

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