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[Grocery Review] Banquet Cherry Berry Pie

Purchased at: Murphy’s Food Mart (Kentland, IN) Cost: $.66 Reviewed by: Casual Clay Cunningham Not content to simply spread povertization (real word?) and self-loathing to the frozen dinner market, the good folks at Banquet have expanded their dessert repertoire with a new collection of frozen pies. They’re not great. The first problem I had with my Cherry […]

[Grocery Review] Ben & Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie

Purchased at: Stop & Shop Cost: $3.00 (Sale Price) Size: 1 pint Review by: David Roshinski Nothing is more iconic of a dessert in Massachusetts than the Boston cream pie. What is it exactly? Well, it’s an absolutely delicious pastry cream sandwiched between two light yellow cake halves with a chocolate icing spilled over it. […]