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[Fast Food Review] Subway’s Buffalo Chicken Fiery Footlong

Purchased at: Subway Size: Foot long Price: $6.29 Reviewed by: XAQuiri Daquiri Here’s a quick excerpt of a conversation I had with my father over dinner last night” “Dad, why don’t you love me?” “Because you’re not a man.” And you know what? He was right.

[Fast Food Review] SunChips Monterey Jack and Sundried Tomato

Purchased at: Subway (Exclusively) Cost: $0.99 Size: 1.5 oz. Review by: David Roshinski It is a chip made from the sun! Ok, no it isn’t, but Sun Chips have been around for a while, and are know as a healthier alternative to the traditional potato chip. The company, which is under the portfolio of Frito-Lay […]