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Location:100 South Fruitridge AvenueTerre Haute, IN47803-1644 Style: SteakhouseContact: (812) 235-9197Reviewed by: Zac PritcherLast night my family and I went out for dinner to Logan's Rib-Eye, one of the many steakhouses in the Terre Haute area. You see, here in Terre Haute, people don't take kindly to many types of restaurants. It seems the only ones the majority of the the population will give their business to are steakhouses, Mexican, BBQ, Chinese buffets and any type of fast food. Except Hardee's. Hauters don't like Hardee's. There's also an Indian place, but the only people who eat there are other Indian people.Listening to me complain about the monotony that results from eating out in my city, you'd think I've eaten at every establishment multiple times and have grown weary of dining at all local restaurants. The truth is I've not even tried half the places at my disposal, Logan's being one of them.Was it any good? Let's just say I'll be going back.Review:The first thing I noticed about the restaurant was that it is much smaller than I had anticipated. The building itself is pretty large, so I expected there to be a large dining area inside. It's worth noting that there is a completely closed off bar inside as well, and I'm sure there is at least one banquet hall and a pretty large kitchen. Also, keep in mind I don't mean the dining room is small, just smaller than the building had led me to believe. It's actually comfortably spacious, housing a nice amount of tables and a salad bar near the back wall.We were seated immediately in a comfy corner table, plenty of room for the four of us to eat without feeling cramped, and were right next to the salad bar. Our waitress took our drink orders and delivered them without much wait. While looking at the menu I noticed there was a fair amount of selection ranging from seafood and chicken to the obvious steaks and a few great appetizers. Speaking of which, we ordered the Calamari Rings. Delicious.I ordered the Prime Rib, medium rare. Every entree is served with a salad bar trip and a side, for which I chose rice. The salad bar was full of fresh veggies, a selection of salad ingredients, and plenty of dressing choices. I built a salad of spinach leaves, broccoli, eggs, red onions and peppers, dressed with olive oil and vinegar, and I also plated some cottage cheese and a few green olives. It was delightful. The spinach was fresh and tender and the broccoli and onions were crisp; it was obvious that they took great care to ensure a quality salad bar. The only complaint I can think of is that the onions were a bit on the strong side, but really that's my girlfriend's problem. I like flavorful onions.Due to lighting issues, this picture doesn't do this steak justice. You'll just have to order one and see it with your own eyes.

When we got our dinners, my mouth watered instantaneously. My steak looked absolutely wonderful. It was cooked perfectly, a deep pink color, and was served with a side of au jus. The rice looked just as delicious, a medley of wild grains in a steaming pile on my plate. It’s dinner time.

The steak was succulent and raced beyond the realm of deliciousness. Prime rib is a favorite of mine, and I can safely say this is quite possibly the best prime rib I’ve eaten from any restaurant. Thick cut, flavorful, and wonderfully complimented by the au jus. There was just so much wonderful flavor that I couldn’t eat without smiling. The rice served as a perfect side choice, especially after soaking up all that delicious flavor from the prime rib.

Since I went with my family, I was able to sample a bite of everyone’s meal. My dad ordered the prime rib, and it was fantastic. Exploding with flavors and juices, the succulent meat was cooked perfectly. The inside was tender and moist and the outside was hot and crispy after being seared on the grill from which it drew a delicious smokey flavor. My sister went with the salmon, which was my least favorite of all our meals. It was coated with a nice selection of flavorful herbs and spices, including a wonderful lemony zest, but felt a bit overcooked and a little dry to me. She liked it just fine, however. My mom ordered prime rib, and you already know how I feel about that.

Does It Hit The Spot?

Yes. This was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. The calamari rings were awesome, the salad bar was littered with delicious, crisp veggies and plenty of ingredients for building an awesome salad, and the steak was mind blowingly good. If you find yourself in the Terre Haute area around dinner time, I highly suggest Logan’s Rib Eye for delicious food that’s fairly priced, averaging about $10 – $15 per entree, though a few options break the $20 mark.

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