[Fast Food Review] Taco Bell’s Chicken Flatbread Sandwich

Purchased at: Taco Bell
Price: $0.99
Reviewed by: Zac Pritcher

I could use this review to complain about Taco Bell’s relative inability to use new ingredients. I could gripe about how every menu item has at least two others that are exactly like it, with the exception of sour cream here or beans there. But I’m not going to. Everyone knows that Taco Bell squeezes its stagnant list of condiments and fillers to get the most possible items without spending extra cash on new resources to bring in new ingredients to make truly standout food items. And does anyone really care?

No. You go to Taco Bell, order one of the same four or five menu items that you always have, gobble it up and are immediately satisfied. Every once and a while you’ll stray, possibly finding a new regular meal, but there are always those good ol’ Chalupas or Quesadillas that you’ve always loved. You feel comfortable gripping them in your hand, and that comfort is surpassed only by the familiar flavor; one that you’ve grown accustomed to and would hate to see change.

I could also use this review to complain about the fact that the Beefy Five-Layer Burrito is no longer anywhere to be found on the Why Pay More? menu. Same goes for the soft taco, and the crunchy taco is now an absurd $0.99. Taco Bell uses their value menu as a means to reintroduce forgotten or unfavorable menu items that don’t seem to sell as well as they’d like, get the general public hooked on them, and then they snag it away expecting everyone to still eat them at more expensive prices. You know why I ordered the Five-Layer? Not because I thought it was exceptionally good, because I really didn’t. No, I ordered it because it was cheap. I will never buy one for over a dollar, but I’m assuming many of you will. The existence of a quality and delicious Why Pay More menu item is a dying breed in my eyes, which really bums me out.

Still, it’s going to be in heavy rotation, as it has been since its inception, for a while to come I’m sure, introducing and reintroducing menu items at total bargains. Case in point: the new Chicken Flatbread Sandwich. It is basically about half of a Chicken Quesadilla on flatbread instead of a tortilla. Actually, that’s exactly what it is. And I think that’s a good thing.

The Chicken Quesadilla has always been a favorite of mine, and the new Flatbread Sandwich has all the ingredient necessary to really tickle my fancy, save for the flatbread. I’m a tortilla guy, a point I made in my review of the Grande Quesadilla. One thing I note here is that the flatbread being used in this concoction seems to be of an obviously higher quality that what we got in the Grande. Well, maybe not a higher quality but it certainly seems to taste much better.

At $0.99, this is going to become a regular addition to my medley of other value item regulars, and I really like that. It’s got an excellent level of spice thanks to the delicious Quesadilla sauce, a decent amount of flavorful chicken, and the flatbread doesn’t even suck!

Does it Hit the Spot?

Alone? No. But when added to a meal, or ordered alongside a two of your other value menu favorites, this thing is a delicious inclusion to your pseudo-Mexican meal. I definitely recommend giving it a try, and since it’s such a bargain you aren’t really losing out on anything. I just loathe the fact that I know Taco Bell big wigs are going to rip this away from the broke population that so loves their food at some point in time. Oh well, I plan on enjoying it while it lasts and suggest you do the same.

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6 Responses to “[Fast Food Review] Taco Bell’s Chicken Flatbread Sandwich”

  1. Sara says:

    So when you are no longer a broke college student and find a way to get out to the West Coast as all Midwestern children yearn to do. I suggest you visit a Taco Del Mar or look them up on the internet (but you’ll want it then and it’ll just be torture). It’s fast food Mexican that is actually good! They use real meat that is tasty. It’s marinated, savory, and just down right delicious.(I love the pork) They offer tacos, quesodillas, enchiladas, and burritos the size of your head. Just saying out in the wide world there is such thing as Mexican fast food done right. Also Terre Haute needs a Chipotle.

  2. Rodzilla says:

    I still say TB has one of the best value menus around. I’m quite alright with the lack of innovation, I like familiarity in my guilty pleasures.

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  4. Mike says:

    WOW! Was I ever disappointed! Theier picture of the Chicked Flatbread sandwich made our mouths water nut all we got was about a tablespoon full of filling on our bread. NOTHING like the picture in the advertisement. Sure, it was good if you just want warm moist bread. I will not even attempt to buy it again. I value my .99 more than the flatbread sandwich.

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