[Convenience Store Review] Oreo Brownie

Purchased at: Casey’s General Store
Price: 99¢
Reviewed by: Casual Clay Cunningham

When asked what their favorite part of the Oreo is, 99.95% of the Earth’s population will say the cream, while the other .05% are nay-saying bastards who claim they prefer the chocolate just for the sake of being unbearable douchebags who naysay for no better reason than making everyone listen to how “opinionated” they are.

Knowing this, it seems puzzling to me that the people at Oreo would set out to appease these idiots, as the brownie is much too chocolaty for its own good. There are small sections of cream spread throughout the surface, but it’s hardly noticeable. In fact, if for some bizarre reason I had decided to eat blindfolded, I am relatively certain I wouldn’t have been able to detect any cream at all.

The biggest positive I came across was simply that the texture is fairly solid and doesn’t make much of a mess. But really, if the best compliment you can come up with is that the brownie left your counter (or in my case, mattress) virtually crumb free, odds are there are better ways to spend your $.99.

There really isn’t a lot to be said in either a positive or negative light when talking about a 3 oz. brownie. Had the standard Family Matters reruns I have become accustom to been on, this review likely wouldn’t have come about. So if you feel this was a waste of your time, blame Nick-At-Nite and their decision to run a marathon of the unbearable The Nanny.

Does It Hit The Spot?

Quite simply, no it does not. Considering how well Oreo generally steps up to the plate (the underrated Cakester is delicious), their take on the brownie simply isn’t up to snuff. If you are committed enough to the lie you’ve created about the chocolate being the Oreo strong suit, you will likely “enjoy” this. But, for the rest of us, it’s the epitome of average.

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9 Responses to “[Convenience Store Review] Oreo Brownie”

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  2. brandyn says:

    good review…. gives me a reason not to eat them hahaa…

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  4. Hunter says:

    Oreos are a great cookie. I have never had an oreo item that has not been inhanced by the cookie and creme flavors.

  5. ALove says:

    I absolutely love oreos- original, double stuf, smashed and on top of ice cream, or usually best – oreo brownies.

    But, this oreo brownie by Nabisco is absolutely terrible. So bad in fact, that I only had one bite and threw the rest away. The after taste has a cigarette smoke effect. It’s quite disgusting. Not worth the 340 calories.

  6. okpank says:

    This brownie was absolutely amazing the couple of times I got it at Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop! Now I don’t think they carry it anymore and I crave more!

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  9. Ricky Martin says:

    Really a great taste i ever tasted..

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